Creation #12

Philippe Morvan

Ouest-France Printing shop [Chantepie]

Philippe Morvan has been an active member of the Rennes electronic music scene for several years now ; he presented a radio show called La Peau des Héros (Under the Heros’ skin) for 18 years on Canal Band performed more than a hundred time as a musician under the alias Iroskin. He created the Labtop Session shows, which are shows dedicated to electronic music taking place in several places in Rennes, as well as the Headphone Session shows, which are shows live-streamed through headphones while the audience is sitting in unusual places like apartments, offices or stores. Some of them were co-organized with the Electroni[k] organization.

Ouest-France Printing Shops are located in Chantepie. Ouest-France is the flagship newspaper of the SIPA group. Since 1975, it has been the most-sold daily with around 767,434 copies per day in 2012 for example. The newspaper is published in Rennes and sold in the Western regions of France as well as in Paris.

Philippe Morvan did a residency at the Ouest-France Printing Shops following the win of a contest called Kit Créatif, set up by Radio Campus Rennes and theElectroni[k] organization. M. Morvan recorded sounds getting out of rotary presses and different machines used for printing. The presentation of his work took place at the Espace Ouest France on Wednesday, October 10 2012, in the frame of the 12th edition of the festival Electroni[k].

This residency received support from Rennes Métropole and the Ouest-France Printing Shops of Chantepie.

Imprimeries Ouest-France
ZI de Chantepie
10 rue Breil
35000 Rennes 

Metropole Electroni[k]

Metropole Electroni[k]

Metropole Electroni[k]

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