Métropole Electroni[k] is a project handled by the Electroni[k] organization. It receives support from Rennes Métropole, Rennes La Novosphère and all the organizations where the residencies took place since 2008.
Since 2001, the Electroni[k] organization has been developing a project dedicated to the contemporary creation in the fields of sound and image, focusing on multidisciplinary and innovative projects. The early project of the organization was to promote electronic arts through live shows, performances or installations. It now has broadened to other disciplines like graphic arts, and other aesthetics like contemporary or electroacoustic music, while asserting its singularity. Cultural activities set up with different publics (school groups and families, students, persons with major social problems, etc) are now an essential part of the project. Electroni[k] presents every year in October a festival around art, music and new technologies. Other events also take place throughout the year (residencies among school groups, workshops, the Belle de Nuit shows, etc).
Rennes Métropole is a french federation of municipalities, locates in the Ille-et-Vilaine department, Brittany. It gathers novardays 43 towns and more than 400 000 inhabitants. Rennes Métropole supports this artistic cartography project since 2008.
Rennes La Novosphère is Rennes Métropole’s network for partnership and promotion of innovation. Rennes La Novosphère features projects that stir together various disciplines and know-hows, have a collaborative dimension, social consistency, which highlight Rennes territory and show an international approach. The Métropole Electroni[k] website was build through the support of Rennes La Novosphère.
La Confiserie is a web agency located in Rennes, it specializes in graphic creation and mobile applications. The agency developed the Métropole Electroni[k] website.
L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA) trains skilled creators perfectly fitted for cutting-edge techniques. Within small workshops, students progressively reach a professional level through educational methods that have been showing their proficiency for more than 20 years. Guillaume Fournigault and Clément Scoarnec, two students from LISAA Rennes, created the visual identity of the Métropole Electroni[k] website under Patrice Guinche and Florent Chamiot-Poncet lead.


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