The Métropole Electroni[k] project was launched in 2008 by the Electroni[k] organization. It allows artists from various realms to elaborate sound creations during their residency in cultural, social or civic spaces of Rennes Métropole and to present them afterwards to different publics, patrons… The artists involved in the Métropole Electroni[k] project propose their view on the location they have chosen to work in. That process highlights a renewed vision of social spaces, enabling a rediscovery of our territory through our ears and preventing us to only think about how noisy it can be.

A progressive mapping

Between arts, history of landscape architecture, sociology and environment, Métropole Electroni[k] embraces a multi-disciplinary and multimedia process to offer a simple yet creative acoustic vision of spaces and a kind picture of people evolving within that space. Those creations reflect a progressive sound mapping of the area, enriched year after another by new residencies, new projects. Métropole Electroni[k] is part of an international movement of sound mapping and invites publics to discover spaces through their ears, like Fällt Publishing’s “Invisible Cities”.

Exploration of the territory

Each acoustic creation reflects a given territory at a given time but is also part of a larger perspective where all of them take part in a geographical print. That way, we offer to show around one space to another. Every year, we offer the inhabitants to walk around new territories of Rennes Métropole physically or virtually; it is like an annual appointment to have people discover new sound creations but also rediscover the previous ones and why not link some of them. That is the way we enrich a progressive and colorful acoustic mapping, built through the artists’ stories that interest not only inhabitants but also outsiders. We aim at collecting pieces that culturally and artistically reflect our territory and its inhabitants. The Métropole Electroni[k]’s website serves as a collection of all the creations, current works and partnerships involved in the process.


Acoustic maps are created upon Electroni[k]’s request. The members of the organization select along with the artists which location would be the best fit regarding their work.  Then, during several days, the artists will stride along the location accompanied by someone acquainted to the partner organization. Artists then create a 12-to-25-minutes sound piece thanks to sounds recorded within the location: voices, music, daily noises…). Each sound piece is then presented within the selected location to the public.

Electroni[k], Rennes, France

For 14 years, the Electroni[k] organization has been developing a project dedicated to the contemporary creation in the fields of sound and image, focusing on multi-disciplinary and innovative projects. The early project of the organization was to promote electronic arts through live shows, performances or installations. It now has broadened to other disciplines like graphic arts, and other aesthetics like contemporary or electroacoustic music, while asserting its singularity. Cultural activities set up with different publics (school groups and families, students, persons with major social problems, etc) are now an integral part of the project that goes beyond the days dedicated to the festival in October but now takes place throughout the year (residencies among school groups, workshops, the Belle de Nuit shows, cartes blanches, etc).