The new website of Métropole Electroni[k]

The whole Electroni[k] team is proud to unveil the site Métropole Electroni[k]. It was set up by La Confiserie and received support from Rennes La Novosphère. Fourteen sound postcards are now available for listening on the website, we are pleased to share these creations with a large audience. Discover the website and listen to Rennes railway station, Les Champs Libres, L’Hôtel de Rennes Métropole, Le Diapason, through sound creations from Herman Kolgen (QC), Robert Henke (DE), Mira Calix (GB), Aymeric de Tapol (FR), Pauline Boyer (FR)… Feel free to share your sound discoveries or contact us for any further comment. For example, we are currently looking for new places. Stay tuned for new sound creations!